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Here are a few of our favorite related sites

Resources for Teachers/ Students:
www.galaxy.net/~k12/recycle/  - a variety of experiments introducing young children to the basics of recycling
www.cln.org/themes/recycle.html  - Community Learning Network (links to lesson plans & information on recycling)
www.epa.gov/students/recycle_city.htm  - interactive site with games and activities centered around a fictional "Recycle City"
Resources for Businesses:
http://brba.nrc-recycle.org  - Buy Recycled Business Alliance.
www.environmentaldefense.org/alliance    -The Alliance for Environmental Innovation (project to help companies improve environmental performance while yielding business benefits.)
Recycled Products:

www.recyclestore.com -  various recycled products
www.amazingrecycled.com - various recycled products
www.bikegames.com - recycled tire mouse pads and coasters
www.greenculture.com - catalog of environmentally friendly products & services
www.ecomall.com - links to environmentally friendly ideas and products
www.greenmarketplace.com - earth-friendly shopping site
www.naturalchoice.net - "The Healthy Yellow Pages" includes index of recycled products
www.replas.com.au/ - recycled plastic products
www.greenearthofficesupply.com - environmentally friendly office supplies


www.mtpleasantiowa.com - Mt Pleasant Area Chamber of Commerce
www.iowarecycles.org - Iowa Recyling Association
www.mora.org - MIssouri Recycling Association
www.isoswo.org - Iowa Society of Soild Waste Operations
www.solidwasteagency.org - Cedar Rapids Solid Waste Agency
www.earthsystems.org -  environmental information and education
www.cygnus-group.com - Cygnus Group, promotes waste prevention in business and organizations. Includes ULS (Use Less Stuff) newsletter
www.envirolink.org - an online environmental community
www.nrc-recycle.org  - National Recycling Coalition
www.plastics.org - American Plastics Council
www.recycleiowa.org - Recycle Iowa

Environmentally Related Businesses:
www.citycarton.com - City Carton Co. of Mt. Pleasant
www.BiocorpUsa.com  - Biocorp (manufacturer of biodegradable products, including tableware)
Special Events:
www.earthday.org - Earth Day information

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